Poker Ace Banned

The judge called it a gamble that did not pay off, in the case of the poker ace banned from driving for four years after he was caught driving under the influence of drugs on the 28th of September 2011. Thirty three year old Paul Carr is known to be a poker player of some regard in Limerick, but he was high on cocaine when he was caught speeding by a Garda patrol car and subjected to standard drugs tests.
It looks like Carr will have to stick to online casino games from now on, unless he can get someone to give him a lift to the casino – Judge Eugene O’Kelly was not sympathetic, particularly given the circumstances of the offence and the man who made it. Garda Paul Bentley spoke to Carr when he caught him speeding along several roads, and reported that his eyes were glassy and he was unsteady on his feet. A urine sample was found to contain traces of cocaine, and while a solicitor for Carr tried to argue that the sample was taken incorrectly because Carr was not given any privacy, Bentley had an immediate answer. He said, “for what it’s worth, I wouldn’t be letting Mr Carr out of my sight while giving a sample. It is not unknown for prisoners to interfere with a sample by filling it with water”. The solicitor also tried to argue that there was no evidence that Carr had been given access to a solicitor on the night and nor was there evidence of him being notified of his rights, but the judge dismissed this almost immediately. He said that a solicitor could have “given no advice that would have altered the legal requirement on him to give a sample”.
Things when from bad to worse for Carr when it was discovered that there were twenty three previous convictions against him, including several for traffic offences he had already been banned from driving for twelve months back in March 2010 for driving without insurance. Carr described his status as self employed, as “a professional poker player of some notoriety in Limerick”.…

Poker Loss Too Much For Kim Jong

Rumors circulating around the online casino gambling scene this week maintain that recently deceased leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Il, was in a fit of “uncontrollable anger” after a devastating loss during a major online casino poker tournament. It is claimed that mere minutes after this incident the communist dictator suffered the heart attack that took his life. The most recent accounts coming from North Korea apparently indicating Kim’s death came about as the result of a certain Texan poker tournament currently not in the good books with US President Barack Obama’s administration. Several reliable sources have suggested that No Limit Texas Hold’em was Kim Jong Il’s online casino game of choice, causing a flood of accounts in online casino poker forums visited by Korean nationals. The exact details behind the North Korean leader’s demise are yet to be officially released fueling the flames of speculation even higher. Until the world learns otherwise this is considered to be the most accurate account of the events surrounding the 69 year old’s final day.
The second in a series of dynastic rulers of the communist nation of Korean, the reclusive Kim Jong Il allegedly become “extremely angry” after experiencing a critical loss whilst playing in the very high profile online casino poker tournament. Supposedly Kim Jong Il has been a regular player at several online casino poker websites, of course having signed up under fake details. Apparently being the leader of a communist country does have its benefits when you need to “borrow” an identity to anonymously gamble under. He apparently enjoyed the thrill of playing against complete strangers with complete anonymity, and has been playing for “a number of years” after receiving private lessons from “top players” from within the poker community.…

Pippa’s Casino Nights

Although it might be Kate Middleton who is married to Prince William and carrying his child at the moment, it is her younger sister Pippa who has a penchant for stealing headlines – just think of the royal wedding, when the papers focused on Pippa’s derriere instead of her sister’s dress. Now there is another reason to talk about her, as Pippa’s casino nights might just turn out to be the next big thing with that kind of seal of approval on them!
Let us explain everything from the start: the Middletons, that is Pippa and Kate’s parents, own a firm named Party Pieces, which supplies upscale party elements and events for those who have something to celebrate. Part of this business is their website, Party Times, on which Pippa herself recently wrote a piece which has been raising a few eyebrows – as she encouraged parents to hold ‘Casino Night Parties’ for their teenage children, who would not be allowed to go into actual casinos or take part in real money gambling.
There are sure to be plenty of casino online reviews popping up for this kind of service in the wake of her suggestion – after all, anything that the younger sister of the Duchess of Cambridge says is going to set tongues wagging, and with a subject like this which can be quite controversial it attracted attention very quickly. Writing on the Party Times website, she said, “(Casino Nights) are a great choice for teenagers. Dress the table in baize green, dust off your packs of cards and mix up the cocktails – then all you have to worry about is whether Lady Luck is on your side.” One certainly hopes that when she refers to teenagers she means those who are in the very small group of being either eighteen or nineteen years of age – or they should not be drinking the cocktails, either!
Whether or not you agree with Pippa on the subject of age, it is certain that there is something in what she is suggesting – as we all know, a trip to the casino can be very fun, and even more so if you are able to achieve it from your own home.…